Wish.co.uk Review

Wish.co.uk Website

Wish.co.uk are known as the zombie people and for good reason, that’s their bestselling range of experience days. They were the original company to be selling zombie apocalypse experience days where you can have to escape the evil clutches of walking zombies in spooky disused shopping malls and other monolithic buildings.

Where it all began

Wish.co.uk are the new kid on the block when it comes to experience days, established in 2011. Just because they’ve got a fresh innocent face it doesn’t mean they have no idea of how it all works. On the contrary, the team behind Wish.co.uk sold experience days by the bucket load in their former lives on behalf of other major experience day brands. Since then they have turned into retailers and have combined all the things that work with a fresh new outlook to create the Wish brand. Their strapline is “Be Less Boring” which is an ethos that runs through everything they do. They are purveyors of awesome experience days.

They only sell a selected range of hand-picked experience days. That’s not because they couldn’t find enough to sell but rather they have done away with anything that is sub-par. Four and five star experience days are only good enough to be sold by Wish.co.uk. If the experience is a bit dull, or is not all it is cracked up to be, it doesn’t make it anywhere near the website. Some other experience days websites stock 2,000+ experience days but that does make you wonder how many of those are actually any good when Wish.co.uk can only find a few hundred to sell?!

Ordering – It’s a Doddle

Ordering an experience day online is simple. The most difficult part is working out what to buy from Wish.co.uk as there are hundreds of top quality experience days to choose from. Once you’ve found something for you, Mum, Dad, your brother/sister, Aunty Dorris and your next door neighbour just add them to your shopping basket. Usually one voucher equates to one person enjoying the experience (the exception are for the experiences that state they are for two or more people of course!) so if you want to take someone with you to share the experience make sure you buy two vouchers.

In your shopping basket there’s a big shiny button to proceed to checkout. Clicking this brings up a form for your billing details. It’s an incredibly short process and very logically laid out.

You have a choice of delivery vouchers. For urgent bookings or for last minute DIY printing orders (oops, wasn’t it Dad’s birthday yesterday?!) choose an e-voucher. This is emailed to you (saving paper) and you can then book your experience date and time soon after you place your order. Either that or you can print off the voucher and pop it in a card for your beloved family member/friend/cat.

If you want something a bit more “gifty” then opt for the postal gift box which is posted free of charge (most other experience day companies charge for this). It’s perfect for wrapping up or for creating a bit more impact.

In terms of payment, you can pay by credit or debit card. If you’d prefer then you can also pay by PayPal which is very handy if you have a PayPal account and hate typing in your credit card details on every website you order from.

Once you’ve paid your order is processed. For e-vouchers an email with your unique order details will follow soon after. For postal orders the Wish.co.uk elves will package your gift box up and despatch it post-haste. To the post box Batman…

When your experience day voucher arrives, it will come with instructions on how to then book a specific date (and perhaps time) for your experience. If a variety of locations are available it’s at this point you can choose the best one for you. Perhaps you want something close to home, or perhaps you want something close to your hotel whilst you are on a short break for example.

If at this point you’re regretting buying a zombie experience and want to change it for an awesome helicopter experience day then you can do that free of charge, just paying the difference (if applicable). This is great too for relatives. You may have thought Aunty Dorris would love to throw an Aston Martin around a race track but if she’d prefer to have a spa day then she can easily change it – and you need not know! She’s happy, you’re happy, the world is one big happy place!

Wish.co.uk Press Coverage

If you read the newspaper, glossy magazines or watch the TV then you may have spotted quite a fair bit of media coverage for this vibrant new brand. They’ve appeared in coverage in The Sun, Metro, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Esquire, Daily Record, Web User, More! Magazine as well as on Pocket Lint, DigitalSpy.co.uk, BBC Five Live, CNN.com [US], ABC TV [US], MTV [Finland], RCN Radio [Colombia], Phantom Radio [Northern Ireland] and on Express.co.uk. There’s been loads more coverage but we got tired listing all of those!

Contacting Wish.co.uk Customer Services

Fanatical customer service is at the heart of the Wish.co.uk ethos and so they made sure they are approachable. The website has been built to make ordering online the quickest and easiest it possibly can be. Should you need to speak to someone then you can contact Wish.co.uk via a live chat feature on the site (handy for clarifying little niggling details).

There’s an email contact form which will get you a speedy reply 24/7 and for order queries there’s a London telephone hotline open during office hours.

Our Final Thoughts On Wish.co.uk

The Wish.co.uk brand is energetic and vibrant and it’s very clear they are focussed on delivering a seamless ordering system together with exceptional customer service. There’s a good range of experience days available though we’d like to see a few more areas covered. They have most bases covered and you really could find gifts suitable for each member of your family at Christmas. In fact that sounds like a challenge so here’s what we’d get our family:

Anyway, back to the Wish.co.uk review! They’re a great company with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for offering simply the best experience days possible. Experience days are supposed to be about trying something new (a once in a lifetime activity) and Wish.co.uk believe this with a passion. You won’t find sales gimmicks, thousands of poor quality experiences or transparent special offers (are they really “special”?) – you’ll just find great prices on great experience days.

You can find hundreds of the finest experience days at Wish.co.uk