No Way! I’m Up Here Actually Flying in a Helicopter! OMG It’s Totes Amaze!

  • Mini helicopter passenger ride
  • See local landmarks from the skies
  • Experience the power & versatility of vertical flight
  • Learn more about helicopters in a pre-flight briefing
  • Great introduction to helicopter travel
  • Fly from 18 locations in England and Scotland
  • £49 for a 5 minute flight!
Helicopter In Flight

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Forget Ferraris. If you’re after a thrill ride with a twist (or rather a thrust) this is the way to go. In this taster helicopter flight, you’ll take to the heavens in a blur of whirring blades for a fantastic five-minute spin, which is ideal for first-timers and have-a-go junkies. Watch the world pass beneath you and soak up panoramic views aplenty as your pilot whisks you off on a fabulous flight of fancy. It’s a short, sharp burst of fun that really will put your head in the clouds. Try it out for yourself and reach mind-blowing new heights in this spectacular experience where the sky is literally the limit.

if you fancy an experience that’s a little out of the ordinary, where you’ll be jettisoned to mind-blowing new heights in one of the coolest toys around, this is the way to do it.

As experiences go, this one’s ultra cool. In fact it’s sub-zero. And not just that, it makes YOU look pretty cool too. Where else can you don a pair of aviators and get away with it? Not in your suped-up Corsa, that’s for sure.

In terms of experience, this taster helicopter flight is a little out of the ordinary. Most thrill-seekers opt for high-speed sports cars or go-karting, right? So while your mates are banging on about horsepower or the finer points of a Porsche, you can trump them with pitch, thrust, tilt and lift. It’s serious stuff. So if you fancy an experience that’s a little out of the ordinary, where you’ll be jettisoned to mind-blowing new heights in one of the coolest toys around, this is the way to do it.

Now down to the nitty-gritty. On the day of your 5-minute taster helicopter flight you’ll arrive at the airfield for a pre-flight briefing. This is where you’ll be given all the necessary safety know-how, which is not to be sniffed at (you’ll be thankful for it once you’re in the hands of god and gravity). You’ll also learn the technicalities of vertical flight which, for any engineering nerds or Top Gear fans, is a major highlight. So listen up.

Next, it’s on to the real highlight of the experience. You’ll be shown to your bladed beast and buckled in, then it’s straight up and away into the skies. This is the real thrill and the moment you’ve been waiting for, so bring your camera and savour every moment. Sail over landmarks, squint at the horizon, peer into back gardens – you’ll get a fantastic panoramic view from the big bird which is the epitome of this mini thrill ride. That, and the chance to experience first-hand how these awesome machines work. Most pilots are pretty happy to show off their skills and may throw in a bit of hovering or funky turns too, so grab your stomach and enjoy the ride.

All in all it’s pretty awesome stuff and the ultimate quick fix for thrill-seekers.

Your taster helicopter fight experience lasts for around 5 minutes, which is the average amount of time you’ll spend in the air. However you will need to allow additional time for the pre-flight briefing, as well as the usual traffic allowance and any last-minute panics (eg. missing the motorway exit). Be sensible and give yourself plenty of time – you wouldn’t want to miss out just because your SatNav sent you to a random field.

As for participants, please bear in mind that this experience is not ideal for anyone who is afraid of heights. So unless you’re hell-bent on facing your fear head-on or you’re planning to stitch someone up, you might be better off choosing something closer to the ground (that Ferrari experience would come in handy here). Participants also need to be under 18 stone (114 kg). Anyone weighing in at 16 stone (102 kg) or over should contact the venue prior to booking to ensure they can be accommodated.

The minimum passenger age is usually 4 years old, and all under 12s must be accompanied by a paying adult. If you or your intended recipient have any disabilities, please contact the supplier prior to booking to confirm participation. Helicopters aren’t the most spacious or accessible of crafts by design, so bear this in mind when booking the experience and contact the supplier if you’re in any doubt. Where age, weight and suitability is concerned, and if you’re in any doubt, always double-check with the venue to avoid disappointment.

Finally, please bear in mind that this experience is weather-dependent and in extreme circumstances, some flights may be postponed. Similarly, all dates are subject to availability so make sure you book your preferred slot as soon as possible.

This experience takes place in various locations around England. Most airfields have standard on-site facilities such as viewing areas, toilets and covered briefing rooms, so your nominated driver/significant other/vertigo-ridden family member (delete as appropriate) will have somewhere to wait while you’re off gallivanting.
You can climb to heights of around 1,000 ft and reach speeds of up to 120mph in these super-agile choppers, which are versatile and incredibly nimble. Your pilot will be happy to show you what they can do, which usually means all sorts of cool manoeuvres like hovering on the spot – a skill that takes years to perfect. The helicopter spec will vary but most are lightweight single-engine crafts, typically a Robinson R22 or an R44, which are ideal for quick flights and sightseeing tours like this.

Pretty Darn Great Q&As

Can I take the controls?
Erm, no. Unless you want to be tackled by an irate crew member and/or man-handled back to your seat by your fellow passengers. This is a passenger ride and while your pilot will be happy to wax lyrical about helicopter controls and what these fabulous flying machines can do, you won’t actually be flying it yourself. Sit back, stay seated (and belted) and enjoy the ride.

What happens if I need to cancel?
If you’re a chicken the victim of a diary fail and need to change your date pronto, call the customer service team and they’ll help you to rearrange your experience. Likewise, you can normally exchange your helicopter taster experience for something else if you have a sudden change of heart, or develop vertigo overnight. Don’t worry, these things happen. We won’t hold it against you. Much.

Can I bring someone with me?
You can bring spectators if you wish, and there are usually viewing areas or places where visitors can sit and watch your take-off and landing. Some venues limit the amount of spectators, so if you’re planning to bring your extended family it’s probably worth checking out the spectator facilities and visitor allowance first. After all these are busy commercial airfields, and they don’t have the capacity to babysit over-zealous family members or runaway children.

Is this experience just for one?
Unless you buy the experience specifically for two people then yes, it is “just” for one. Don’t be cheap. This experience is awesome, and you’ll be dreaming about it for months afterwards. You can’t even buy a tank of diesel for the same price. If you want to share the experience with your nearest and dearest, remember to add two experiences to your shopping basket instead of one. Or, keep it all for yourself and face the silent treatment. Your call.

What about bad weather?
Bad weather sometimes stops play, so keep an eye on the skies in the run-up to your big day. If it looks like you’re in for anything untoward – think thunder, hail, high winds, storm of locusts, etc – call the venue before you set off to see if they’re going ahead with the flight. Don’t be a bad sport if they decide to cancel – you can rearrange with the venue for another time. Trust us, you’d much rather fly on a clear day rather than when Mother Nature is feeling spiteful. It’s ugly.

Buy Your Vouchers

To be able to book your taster flight on a specific date and time you first need an experience day voucher (how it works). You can buy these from who sell vouchers for the following locations:

  • Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Cirencester, Gloucestershire
  • Cranfield, Bedfordshire
  • Exeter, Devon
  • Glasgow, Strathclyde
  • Kirkliston, Lothian
  • Near Hornchurch, Essex
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear
  • Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
  • Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Perth, Tayside
  • Preston, Lancashire
  • Quainton, Buckinghamshire
  • Redhill, Surrey
  • Selby, North Yorkshire
  • St Ives, Cornwall
  • Uxbridge, Greater London
  • Wolverhampton, West Midlands

£49 per person (5 minutes flight time)

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(Note that if you pick the St Ives location, availability is strictly limited to one week in June and one week in August)

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