Look Down On Other People In This Half Hour Sightseeing Helicopter Flight!

  • 30 minute helicopter passenger flight
  • See famous landmarks from the skies
  • Listen in on the pilot’s commentary
  • Experience the power & versatility of vertical flight
  • Great introduction to helicopter travel
  • Fly from 24 locations across England, Scotland and Wales
  • £175 for a whopping 30 minutes!
Helicopter In Flight

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As experiences go, helicopter flights are the new black. What could be better than going for a spin in one of the coolest crafts around? In these 30 minute helicopter flights, you’ll get to kick back in style as you’re whisked onto cloud nine, soaring over patchwork fields, picking out famous landmarks and nosing into back gardens. With your headphones on, you can hear the pilot’s commentary and listen in on radio transmissions too. This experience has got it all – thrills, amazing views, cool choppers and real pilots saying stuff like “over and out”. By the end you’ll feel a bit like Jason Bourne. Or maybe Murdock from the A-Team. Anyway, what’s not to love? This is the experience to end all experiences, and it’s high time you ticked it off your bucket list. ROGER THAT.

Kick back in style as you’re whisked onto cloud nine, soaring over patchwork fields, picking out famous landmarks and nosing into back gardens

You haven’t “seen the sights” until you’ve seen them from above. If you think you know the south coast, or the Welsh hills, or Cornwall’s rocky end, think again. In this helicopter flight experience you’ll get to see some of Britain’s greatest sights with a bird’s eye view, complete with photo opportunities galore and even a commentary from the pilot. There’s plenty to love about this thrill ride, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be left feeling sky high for days afterwards.

So, here’s what to expect on the day. On arrival you’ll meet your pilot who’ll sit you down for a quick briefing on the experience. It’s called a ‘brief’ for a reason – one of them being it’s, well, brief – so stay focused and listen up. This is your chance to learn the nitty gritty of vertical flight and to get some questions in. For instance, how fast will you go? Can the helicopter hover? Which landmarks should you look out for? These questions might quickly fall out of your head once you’re hundreds of feet up, so now’s the time to ask. During the briefing you’ll also learn about safety procedures. Might we suggest you pay attention to these, because peace of mind is a wonderful thing and you’ll be glad of it if your pilot decides to show off some fancy moves.

Once you’re buckled into the chopper, headphones on snug and camera at the ready, you’ll be whisked up and away for your flight of fancy. These pilots are a friendly bunch who are happy to point out local landmarks and commentate on the flight, so listen up and keep a beady eye out for famous monuments. Afterwards, you’ll be dropped back at the airfield where you can grill your pilot on anything you forgot to ask earlier (although your feet probably won’t touch the floor for a while yet).

We’ve got to say it – this is one ‘heli’ of an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Your helicopter flight experience will last around 30 minutes. The exact details may vary slightly, but you can expect to spend that amount of time in the chopper with additional time beforehand to cover the briefing, introductions, and any registration or form-filling. And be sensible. Expect the unexpected – like your SatNav going AWOL, or your old banger choosing today of all days to clap out on the hard shoulder. Allow plenty of time to get there and watch for traffic too – after all, you’d hate to miss out on this awesome experience just because you got stuck behind a caravan convention.

As for suitability, this experience involves heights – very high heights – so if you or your intended recipient really has a problem with that, do the sensible thing and send them dumper truck racing instead. Unless you want to be a hero and face your fears, or you get a kick out of watching people turn green. In which case, be our guest.

On a serious note, there are a few things to bear in mind. Participants need to be less than 18 stone in weight. They should also be over 8 years old, and any children must be accompanied by a fare-paying adult. If you or the recipient has any disabilities, it’s usually a good idea to contact the supplier prior to booking to confirm participation. Where age, weight and suitability is concerned, and if you’re in any doubt, always double-check with the venue to avoid disappointment.

Note that this is a group experience and you’ll be taking your flight with a handful of other passengers, so remember to share nicely.

This experience is weather-dependent and if it’s really cats and dogs out there, some flights may be postponed. Similarly, all dates are subject to availability so make sure you book your preferred slot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

This experience takes place in many different locations around Britain. Although the airfields vary in terms of size and on-site facilities, you’ll find that most of them have standard amenities such as viewing areas, toilets, covered briefing rooms and often a cafe or hot drinks machine, so whoever’s left waiting at ground level will be well looked after.

As for location, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From Aberdeen to Bournemouth, Snowdonia to St Ives, hills and dales or cities and seascapes, there’s a pretty good range of places to pick from.

You’ll get to buckle into a nifty chopper, usually something like a Robinson R22 or R44, which can really shift. They can climb hundreds of feet into the sky and move at speeds of up to 120mph, so they’re pretty agile. They’re versatile too, and if you ask nicely, your pilot won’t mind showing you a few tricks like hovering, which is much more difficult than it looks. The helicopter spec will vary depending on the experience you choose but rest assured, your chopper will be super cool and fit for the job.

Essential Q&As Nobody Asked

Will I get to fly the helicopter?
This isn’t Call of Duty sonny. It’s a passenger flight and you are expected to stay buckled into your seat for the duration of the flight. If you try to take the controls the pilot will be well within his or her right to drop you from altitude. That’s maybe a little extreme, but in other words, don’t be an idiot. Stay seated and enjoy the show.

If you want a go at flying for yourself then check out this experience where you can take the controls and have a go at honing your piloting skills.

Will rain stop play?
In extreme weather conditions your flight may be postponed. Don’t worry, you can rearrange it for another day. In any case, you really don’t want to be several hundred feet up when it’s blowing a gale or booming with thunder. Keep your fingers crossed for a clear day and you’ll have the time of your life.

What sort of sights will we see?
That depends entirely on where you choose to fly from. Countryside, castles, coastlines or cathedrals? Fly over photogenic cities like Bristol or Glasgow, take in fabulous seascapes from the skies with a flight from Cornwall, or take in hills and dales over the Peak District. It’s your call – just make sure your camera batteries are charged.

I’ve never flown in a helicopter before. What if I don’t like it?
Take a sick bag! Joking aside, if you’re unsure you have the stomach for a helicopter flight then the helicopter taster experience day is perfect for you. It’s a great fun experience and a great way to travel in style. Get a taste of the high life – literally.

Can I bring friends or family?
Yes. Facilities may be limited but you can generally expect a covered area for visitors and briefings, toilets, and usually a hot drinks machine or a cafe. Airfields are a health and safety inspector’s nightmare, so don’t be surprised if the number of people you can bring is limited. They don’t make the best playgrounds either, so keep your little charges and/or middle aged kids in check.

Buy Your Vouchers

To be able to book your helicopter pilot lesson flight on a specific date and time you first need an experience day voucher (how it works). You can buy these from Wish.co.uk who sell vouchers for the following locations:

  • Aberdeen, Grampian
  • Andover, Hampshire
  • Barton-upon-Irwell, Greater Manchester
  • Bicester, Oxfordshire
  • Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Chester, Cheshire
  • Cirencester, Gloucestershire
  • Elvington, North Yorkshire
  • Glasgow, Strathclyde
  • Inverness, Scottish Highlands
  • Kendal, Cumbria
  • Kenilworth, Warwickshire
  • Kirkliston, Lothian
  • Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire
  • Near Hornchurch, Essex
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear
  • Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
  • Perth, Tayside
  • Reading, Berkshire
  • Snowdonia, Gwynedd
  • St Ives, Cornwall
  • Thruxton, Hampshire
  • Welshpool, Powys
  • Wolverhampton, West Midlands

£175 per person (30 minutes flight time)

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If you pick the St Ives location, you’ll only be able to depart for one week in June and one week in August.

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