Everyone Is So Tiny! See London City From Above With An Amazing Helicopter Tour!

  • Lord it over London in a helicopter sightseeing flight
  • Pick out the capital’s famous landmarks and historic monuments
  • Perfect for history buffs and sightseers
  • Unique perspective of the big city
  • Congestion-free flying
  • Fly from Stapleford, Essex (North M25) or Redhill, Surrey (South M25)
  • £139 for a whopping 30 minutes!
Flying past the city

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Paris has romance, Belgium has chocolate-box appeal and Amsterdam has pretty much anything you could ever wish for. And London? Probably one of the best cityscapes in the world, with some pretty awesome buildings to boot. It’s also got rats and irate taxi drivers. So take our word for it – if you want to experience the best of London, don’t stick to street level – see it from above. By that, we don’t mean climbing a tree in Hyde Park or trying to sit on a police horse – one of those will definitely get you arrested. Your best bet is to book a London helicopter flight and live the high life, complete with pilot commentary and the cool factor. Oh yes, you’ll look seriously cool hopping into a helicopter. And when you’re lording it over London you can feel pretty smug that you’re out of smog’s reach and well clear of London’s little furry friends too. What’s not to love?

Why take a helicopter flight? Because it’s impossibly cool, and a little bit jetset. You’ll be left feeling like that money’s-no-object chap out of Fifty Shades, minus the kinky bits.

Forget trudging around in the rain and squinting up at Big Ben from underneath a brolly, as commuters jostle you from all directions and your mascara starts to run. If this experience all sounds a bit Old Kent Road and you fancy something a little bit more Mayfair, a London helicopter flight experience will be right up your street. With this impressive helicopter flight you’ll be whisked straight up, out of the puddles, well above Big Ben and into the skies above. Up there you’ll get a cracking bird’s eye view of the city and a pretty unique perspective – after all, it’s not every day you get to head skywards and experience London from above.

Why take a helicopter flight? Because it’s impossibly cool, and a little bit jetset. You’ll be left feeling like that money’s-no-object chap out of Fifty Shades, minus the kinky bits. Or with them, if you fancy joining the mile high club thanks to this other experience day! Why else should you do it? It’s high – really high, as in you’ll even out-fly-the-pigeons-type-of-high. The Shard is high and the London Eye is high, but from a helicopter you’re not on the same level as anything else. You get to look down on some of the most famous monuments in the world, and check out the lovely green bits around London too (they’re there, promise).

So, down to business. On the day you’ll arrive at the helipad and undergo a quick introductory session and safety briefing. It’s pretty standard stuff – don’t lean out of the helicopter, don’t swing off the rotor blades, try not to play ‘Guess who?’ with the pilot, blah blah. You’ll also learn a few things about the helicopter itself and, for any engineering nerds, this is your moment to fire any questions at the pilot.

Then you’ll climb into the helicopter and, before you can say “My seatbelt’s broken…” you’ll be whisked up into the blue ready to start the best sightseeing tour you’ve ever had. The length of flight may vary depending on which experience you choose, some last for 30-40 minutes while others last for a specified amount of time, so check the details before you book. While you’re flying around you’ll have the chance to take photos and look for famous monuments, all from your awesome vantage point several hundred feet up. How’s that for a grand day out?

A helicopter flight, sightseeing tour AND a unique aerial view of London. It’s like all your Christmases have come at once.

This experience is for one person (unless otherwise stated) so you’ll need to select two if you want to treat your significant other. Availability can be tight so make sure you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. It’s generally available on weekends throughout the year, so we’re sorry, but you don’t get to take the day off work.

As for participation, the maximum height is usually around 6ft and weight is generally between 14 and 18 stone. The minimum age will vary too so make sure you check with the supplier if you’re thinking of buying this experience for a child. Bear in mind that children will usually have to be accompanied by a fare-paying adult too.

On the day of your experience you will be asked to show some photo ID and proof of address for security reasons. Finally, bear in mind that extreme weather conditions might mean your flight has to be delayed or postponed. Don’t worry, you can rearrange your experience for another day should this happen.

Most London helicopter flights take off from Essex or Surrey. Most airfields are reasonably well-equipped with standard things like toilets, briefing rooms and a drinks machine – some even come with a cafe. So if you’re leaving someone behind while you jet off across the skies, you can do it semi-guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that they’re merrily waiting for your return, drinking luke-warm tea out of a plastic cup.
To anyone not in the know, Eurocopter sounds a bit like Robocop’s German cousin. Or the type of thing you’d watch on the sci-fi channel at 3am after a big night out. Make no mistake about it, a Eurocopter is a beast fit for any sci-fi thriller – but it’s even better when flying sky-high over the streets of London. It’s a modern craft that’s comfortable, nippy and offers great visibility for sightseeing tours. It’s up in the skies several times a day, thrilling sightseers with fabulous views of London and all around.

Q&As You Probably Never Wanted To Ask

Will I fly the helicopter?
The only person capable of flying Robocop’s German cousin is a pilot with a lot of experience. Try to grapple the controls during your flight and there will be… trouble. In other words, this isn’t a flying lesson. It’s a passenger flight, and unless you wish to be ejected from the helicopter, stay belted in your seat.

Will there be other people in the helicopter?
These experiences are for small groups, usually just a few people at a time, so remember to share nicely.

What sort of sights will I see?
This depends largely on the length of your flight and on the weather. If it’s a bit misty or murky then you might not catch everything at a distance, but on a clear day you can see for miles. Look out for the Tower of London, Big Ben (not so big from the sky), the Shard (tall pointy one), Canary Wharf (not a canary in sight), the Gherkin (looks like a tomato… just kidding) and Buckingham Palace (not to be confused with Beckingham Palace).

Can I ask the pilot to fly over specific parts of London?
You can ask anything you like, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it. ‘Can I push this big red button?’ ‘Can I have your number?’ ‘Can you fly over there a bit more?’ – the answer to all of these things is, No (although you never know, you might get somewhere with number 2). These are group flights so the pilot must stick to the planned route, no deviating. And no, he can’t drop you off at home either.

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  • Redhill, Surrey
  • Stapleford, Essex

£139 per person (30 minutes flight time)

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