Scottish Highlands Helicopter Rides

Aberdeen is located to the north east of picturesque Scotland. It’s the most accessible base for residents of the Scottish Highlands with good road connections to Inverness, Fraserburgh, Elgin and more. To the south is the M90 making it a choice for residents of Dundee and Perth, as well as the surrounding areas.

Perth might be more convenient for those living more southerly as it has great road links thanks to the M90 connecting it to Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Rosyth. The A9 connects it to Stirling and Falkirk, with Glasgow a short distance further on the M80.

Glenrothes sits just beneath Perth with access to Level, Kirkaldy and the famous resort of St Andrews.

Inverness is a northerly point and is convenient for those living in the remote parts of the Scottish Highlands. The Isle of Skye sits to the west, whilst Ullapool, Wick and Thurso sit to the north. Fort Williams sits to the south west with onward connections to Oban and Glasgow.

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