Helicopter Flights Questions and Answers

It’s natural to have a few questions about booking and enjoying a helicopter flight so we thought it might be useful to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

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How do I book a flight?

That’s easy! We’ve put together this guide which can help but in a nutshell it goes like this:

  1. Buy a helicopter experience day voucher from Wish.co.uk. This is where you pay for your flight. The voucher is unique to you and is used for step 2.
  2. Book a location, date and time (as applicable). Your voucher enables you to book a date and time that suits you so long as there are seats available on the helicopter.
  3. Turn up! Once you’re booked onto a flight there’s nothing left to do but count down the days until your amazing sightseeing trip!

Will it be just me and the pilot?

What, just like in the movies flying arm-in-arm into the sunset? This ain’t Hollywood! Most sightseeing flights seat up to six people including the pilot so there could be some other passengers on-board. Of course you can book more tickets to take friends and family with you to have a more personal experience. If you’d like to fly as a group or would like to chat about having a helicopter to yourself, get in touch here.

Why can’t the helicopter pick me up from (or drop me off at) home?

It’s not a taxi! Plus, we’re sure the neighbours wouldn’t be too happy with a helicopter landing outside their homes. Helicopter flights are a bit like aeroplane flights (they both fly for instance) but in the same way your 747 doesn’t pick you up from home it is impractical for helicopters used for sightseeing flights to offer a doorstep collection and drop-off service. They do take off from locations that are easy to get to though, and there are plenty of locations dotted around the UK so you shouldn’t have to travel far to get to one (unless you want to that is – many people travel from around the country to experience the sights of London from above).

My wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend and I want to join the mile high club. Can I do that on a helicopter sightseeing flight?

Ahem, certainly not. It’s a compact cabin and there’s really not much room even if it were permitted. Fear not though as Wish.co.uk have the perfect experience day for you specifically for this!